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Richard Bales - Photographer and Videographer

I'm Richard Bales, RBZTUDIO founder and professional freelance photographer and videographer/ storyteller/ content creator and digital editor based on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. I am passionate, dedicated and committed to what I do, specialising in Landscape. Commercial Real Estate and Food Photography & Videography.


I grew up loving nature and travel, so a love of travelling has been a constant in my life, and a love of photography grew naturally out of that alongside a desire to capture the places I saw and the impression they made on me because travel is not a reward for working, it's education for living.

But in 2020 I found my second passion within the photography world, Commercial Photography & Videography, making modern & professional content for real estate, hotels, luxury homes, interior design/architect, Airbnb/travel/tourism, restaurants & food, aerial footage. My photography will help you stand out on all platforms to get most of your investment. 


Eventually all of this leads to a strong balance between photography, nature, and inner peace. The desire to see the world that surrounds us becomes simultaneously driven by my drive to perfect its presentation. Every moment becomes a learning experience, and every experience becomes a memory. Follow my journey photographing landscapes from all over Australia


Feel welcome to visit my website to check all my work.


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