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Nat Powles Art

Since moving to Terrigal in 2015, I have drawn extensive inspiration from the beauty of our natural coastal environment. It's an endless source of ever changing influence. To me, the colours and textures of nature have always provided inspiration, and subtle metaphors for spirituality and the human experience.

I am captivated by the infinity of the ocean. The complexity of light being reflected through the water, the constancy of motion, and most of all the brilliance of colours within the underwater world. The ocean intrigues me, but is also a phobia of mine. I’m drawn to its beauty and depth, but with trepidation. In my underwater art, I try and capture this paradox. Colour is my creative fuel, and the source of my energy.


With my current range of art works, I have focused on the use of mixed media including acrylic paint, watercolour, paint pens, and crayon pastels on canvas or board, to create semi-abstract interpretations of nature, with a pop of neon.


0421 703 593

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