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Julie Jones Ocean Photography

Hi, I'm Julie Jones and I am a mad keen scuba diver and underwater photographer. My diving has fueled my passion for bringing awareness to the amazing world beneath the surface of the water, right here on the Central Coast. As part of the Great Southern Reef, we have some of the best diving in the world right on our doorstep and exploring this underwater paradise is highly addictive. 


The creatures we meet are truly awe-inspiring and through my photography, I want to bring you with me, to show you what the world beneath the waves is really like. We meet the most crazy characters, encounter rare and endangered creatures and realise, it's not scary at all, it's truly wonderful! 


My goal is to showcase the beauty of this hidden world and provide a unique and visually inspiring perspective on why it's so critical to protect and understand our oceans.


Phone 0434 115 755


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