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Carolyn Baldwin

"My artwork displays the beauty of the Central Coast. As I explore this environment, I share my emotional connection to the subject matter through the creation of my art. I focus on light and colour in my artwork. This allows my audience to experience the peacefulness and serenity of life on the Central Coast. I work with acrylics on canvas. The warmth and glow in my paintings is created through a process of multiple layers of paint."


Carolyn Baldwin is a retired teacher who works with acrylic paints. She originally studied pastels with Sandra McArthur and then later moved on to Central Coast Art Studio to expand her artistic experience with Kadira Jennings. She also has workshopped with Sharon Tudor and continues to grow and learn through regular collaboration with other artists. Carolyn is one of the co-founders and event organizers of the Copa Creative Artist Collective and regularly exhibits with this group of artists. She has also exhibited at the 5 Lands Walk and recently at the community gallery at East Gosford.


Carolyn is a facilitator with “Rose and Renoir” and runs painting sessions for small groups as well as Team Masterpiece for large cooperate groups. Her artwork is to be found in Sydney, locally, and even as far away as Denmark.


0431 691 128

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